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Ostlichter LTA is a company that offers exclusive and high quality legal services and historical & genealogical research related to the sale, purchase and acquisition of Feudal and Noble Titles in Continental Europe, mainly French, Italian and German. We have helped clients to buy nobility titles of great quality and excellent intrinsic value. All the legal matters pertaining to the purchase of Noble and Feudal Titles are carried out by experienced continental European Solicitors well versed in European Nobility Law.

Our offices are located in Geneva, one of the most vibrant business centres of Europe, close the French, Italian and German areas of influence of Europe.

Our ethics, philosophy and approach are as follows:

1.- We do think that each client is unique and has unique needs that we want to satisfy.

2.- All the titles of nobility we research, buy, sell and work with are actual historical titles, with a proven existence and clear historical authenticity, all of them genuine and hereditary. All our noble titles are conveyed with the utmost respect for civil law, international law, and the law of their respective countries of origin. With us, you get the real thing, and you get it legally.

3.- With us there is no margin for fantasy or obscurity, as with our firm only reality and legality matter.

4.- All the Documentation we offer to the clients is legal documentation, with deeds authorised and legalised by public officials, and in concordance with all the necessary legalities.

A good part of the most ancient noble and feudal titles in continental Europe originate usually from France or Italy. With us you can always buy Hereditary, Legitimate and Genuine titles of Nobility. We always can research for you through or books and archives an old Lordship or Barony with an established historic existence and get it for you.

What’s a hereditary, legitimate and genuine nobility title?

1. – Hereditary: this implies that this particular nobility title has the quality and juridical nature of being transmissible to your heirs and be passed on to your descendants. These are not life titles, but truly inheritable noble dignities that maybe inherited ad infinitum.

2. – Genuine and Legitimate: a nobility title may be defined as genuine and legitimate when it was given by a ruling monarch or a prince with the right of Fons Honorum, and this title has a clear and established historical existence.

What type of titles of nobility do you work with?

We work with nobility titles of Lord, Baron, Count, Viscount, Marquis, Duke and Prince, and could help you to legally possess and so you can become a Lord, Baron, Count, Marquis, Duke or Prince.

How and Where to buy a title of nobility:

With us you can buy in a legal way Barony Titles, Lordships, Count Titles, Marquisates, Duke Titles and Prince Titles.

How to buy a Noble Title in two steps:
The first step to buy a noble title is to decide the nationality you would like. We offer only French, Italian and German titles of nobility.

The second step is to decide what noble rank you want: Baron, Count, Marquis, etc.
Should you want to buy a noble title and you are asking yourself where you can acquire and purchase a title of nobility, our firm would be a good place for several reasons:

1.- We only have legal and historical knowledge about French, Italian and German noble titles, and we are experts in our field, able to research the right noble titles for you.

2.- We are situated in Europe, in direct contact with the culture, language and people of these countries, and we know very well the intricate history and nobility law of these regions.

If you wish to buy a Nobility Title in an impeccable legal manner through our firm, please fill out the contact form or give us a call during office hours: 10.00-19.00 Monday to Friday.

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