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Ancient Italian Principality for Sale

Ancient Italian Principality for Sale

ene 20, 2014

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Ancient Italian Principality for Sale

We do have in our books some Italian Principalities. This type of title is even scarcer than the Duchies, and there are very few left that are suitable for transmission. Should you be interested in this type of Title, you must inform us at your earliest convenience. We have had clients that have paid deposits in order to book and reserve this type of title.

Obviously, a Princely Title is one of the oldest dreams of many men. All our principalities are old genuine historical titles from the ancient kingdoms of Italy, and they all are transferred with the utter respect for legality, certified by Italian Officials, Notaries, and the property confirmed by the Italian Magistracy, only authority with the power to do so. Transmissions are always carried out by experienced solicitors, and the transfers are impeccable and seamless.

The history of these titles is very interesting and does possess a very special kind of grandeur that no one other title has, among them the legal right to call yourself a Prince, and link your personal history with the history of some of the most distinguished families in Europe. The heraldry, historical dossiers and details of our Principalities are extremely interesting and truly fascinating. In some cases, we can even obtain Principalities with Chivalric Fons Honorum, or even with Full Fons Honorum.

If you are interested in one of our historical and inheritable principalities, you are welcome to enquire and discuss the acquisition of your very own noble title.

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