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Sale of Italian Prince Titles

The Titular Nobility of Italy, also known as the Italian Nobility, is a very complex and difficult historic and legal system. We do have in our books some rare and magnificent Italian Principalities. This type of title is even scarcer than the Duchies, and there are very few left that are suitable for transmission.Should you be interested in this type of Title, you must inform us at your earliest convenience. We have had clients that have paid deposits in order to book and reserve this category of title, and our firm is an excellent place to get the truly right information about how to buy a genuine, hereditary and historical noble title of Prince.

Understandably, to buy a Title of Prince is one of the oldest dreams of many men and women. All our principalities are old genuine historical titles from the ancient kingdoms of Italy, and they all are transferred with the utter respect for legality, certified by Officials, Notaries, and the property confirmed by the Magistracy and Courts, only authority with the power to do so. Transmissions are always carried out by skilled solicitors, and the transfers are flawless and seamless, as it is all the process to become a prince in Italy.

The history of these titles is very interesting and does possess a very special kind of grandeur that no other title has, among them the legal right to call yourself a Prince, and link your personal history with the tradition of some of the most renowned families of old Europe. The heraldry, historical dossiers and details of our principalities are extremely attention-grabbing and truly absorbing. In some cases, we can even obtain Principalities with Chivalric Fons Honorum, or even with Full Fons Honorum.

Growth of Rome Beyond ItalyPrinces in Italy were famous for many things. Of course, we have the medieval legends, in which theses princes sired countless bastards by innumerable mistresses, keeping also at the same time their lawful wives to be the progenitors of a long line of princes. It is also true that they built some of the most splendid palaces that Europe had ever seen. The Italian Holders of Prince titles of nobility were also reputed for raising court etiquette and ceremonial to a truly fine art. But the princes did not only spend their time in stately ceremonies, but also spent large amounts of time in amusement, as there was a great deal of it. Many were outdoor men, who loved hunting and shooting, and also balls and long evenings of music, dance, gambling and endless gossip, and of course all sorts of decadent and amorous intrigues. The court life of Italian princes has always reputedly been idyllic.

Italian Princes always devoted time to forestry, being experts in wineries and agriculture, and were in essence superb horsemen and refined gentlemen devoted to the finest pleasures of life.

One of the preferred methods of the Italian Kings in order to raise money to replenish their exhausted treasuries was to buy and sell principalities to the highest bidder by Royal Sanction and by imposing heavy duties and fees that had to be paid if you wanted to enjoy the rare distinction of enjoying the possession of a princely title.


The principalities and all the noble and feudal titles of prince in Italy usually differ considerably as to the method of creation and as to the principle of their descent. Neapolitan and Sicilian prince nobility titles normally followed the Frankish law. It is interesting to note that Italian law prohibited the laws of adoption to heirs of fiefs, in order to stop the transmission of prince titles via this method. Also, the transference of cadet prince titles of prince was forbidden in Italy in 1902. The purchase of a noble or feudal title of prince in Italy, known commonly as Italian Principalities does not confer that title on the holder unless it is duly registered before the proper courts.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy the rare privilege of owning an Italian Title of Prince, you are welcome to contact us. The transaction is carried by veteran attorneys. The time frame is of 8-12 weeks, and then documents are couriered anywhere in the world. There are just a few opportunities left in Italy, as available principalities are becoming a very scarce and precious commodity. This being said, this is a truly unique opportunity to buy an Italian princely title. Serious and legitimate enquiries are welcome.

Our firm has the necessary expertise to deal with this matter accordingly and correctly, and get your principality duly registered in court, with all the proper notarized and legalized deeds, being the transference of the titles absolutely immaculate from a historical and legal point of view. If you wish to buy a prince title, and become a prince, one of those splendid aristocrats, get in touch with us by filling the contact form by your side.

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