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French and Italian Baronies available

In order to buy a Baron Title and become a Baron, cautious investigation needs to be done. The noble title of Baron occupies one of the highlights of the traditional aristocratic hierarchy in France, Italy and Germany. Furthermore, a specific feature of the noble title of Baron is its absolute feudal origin. The noble title of Baron was introduced in France by the influence of the Carolingian dynasty that ruled the Holy Roman Empire from the coronation of Charlemagne on December 25, 800. Then, this type of title spread to other countries and areas of Europe.

Etymologically, Baron comes from the Germanic word Baro, meaning warrior. Among the Germanic peoples, only a free man, i.e. not a slave, could hold the warrior status while bearing arms. This was a privilege gained by birth, and therefore transmissible. This term, over the centuries, converted into the Latin Baro, Baronis.

Barons are entitled to wear a signet ring, engraved with their Baronial Arms, a discreet sign of recognition, normally a shield surmounted by the corresponding crown. Others have their Baronial Arms carved in wood, coloured or plain.
To acquire a hereditary and historical Baronial Title is a dream coveted by a minority. Baron Titles are the oldest nobility rank in history, many of these titles have an enormous historical value, royal connections, genealogical importance, and also geographical links to some of the most beautiful areas of countries like Italy, France and Germany. We are proud to say that our company researches the best titles of Baron in Europe.

Another way of accessing a noble title of Baron was by an imperial grant dispensed to an Empire’s Knight. Often Barony Titles were also conveyed by sale, donation or other means, and you could buy easily baronies by private law procedures.

List of Baron Titles for Sale:

We are able to research for our clients several types of Barony Titles:

1. French Barony Titles:

Barony titlesWe are experts in finding very old and hereditary Feudal Baronies from France. These are some of the most ancient and prestigious titles of the world.

In France, Baronies were sold, and a shining example of this is the sale of the Barony of Aubonne in 1670 to Jean Baptiste Tavernier, or the famous purchase of the Lordship of Montpellier, bought in 1349 by Philippe III of Valois to James II of Mallorca. French Feudal Baronies sell well for 7000€.

We can also research the coveted French-German Baronies from Alsace and Lorraine. These Baronies have German names, and are usually very old. In order to obtain the possession of one of these antiques is needed a very considerable amount of careful advice. Not everybody can do so. Alsace is a very curious geographical area, bordering with Germany and the river Rhine area, famous for its old forests, monasteries, castles and strongholds, and also for excellent wines and impressive feudal titles. The price for this type of Barony is of 12000€. Lorraine is a very exciting region, neighbouring with Germany and Switzerland, and the river Rhine area, famous for its old Nordic Forests, Decadent Abbeys, Ruinous Castles and Feudal Towers, and also for superb wines and some of the most imposing noble titles of Europe.

2. Italian Barony Titles

Straight from the Kingdoms of Italy, we are able to locate and find for you a very impressive Feudal and Noble Barony Title from old Feudal Italy. Our Hereditary Baronies come with coats of arms that maybe adjusted by the new owner if he so wishes, and are one of the most desired things in Europe. So, if you are interested in history and wish to become the proud owner of an historical title of nobility with very interesting feudal reminiscences, this is the place and moment.

We have Baronies with hundreds of years of history. All our Italian baronies and titles are confirmed by the Magistracy, Notaries and Courts, with the most scrupulous and utter respect for legality. So, just write us and enquire about the possibility of becoming a titled person. Italian Titles are our very speciality, and no one else can give the quality and assurance of legality we offer.


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