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German barony for sale

German barony for sale

jun 26, 2012

in German Noble Titles

Ostlichter LTA has available in his books an extremely old and prestigious German Barony from the German – Baltic area. The German-Baltic noble titles are probably the ones with the biggest historical interest in ancient Europe. The German-Baltic nobility was one of the most privileged social classes of the history of Europe, with an aura of legend and grandeur. Here, the nobility was highly intermixed, being the result one of those special casts of noblemen who belonged to Germany, Sweden, Poland, the Holy Roman Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the Russian Empire. The Imperial Nobility of the German Confederation, the Austrian Empire, and the Russian Empire converged into a single nobility with stringent particularities and differences. The German Baltic Barons were soldiers who served the Germans, the Austrians or the Russians at their convenience, were very fond of falconry and hunting, and belonged to several systems of nobility at the same time, which was very useful.

This is not a mere Lordship but a rarity for collectors. This German Barony is several hundred years old, has a proven historical existence, and can be transferred seamlessly within the frame of the strictest legality and observance of International and Customary Law.

We welcome only and exclusively serious enquiries from rational people.

If you want to obtain information on this very rare and interesting opportunity, please follow the established protocol and write us. Please note that we only and exclusively work by request. Therefore, you must contact us identifying yourself by filling properly our Titles request form. In order to obtain a full dossier with all the historical details and all the pertinent information there is to become a registered client by paying the 299€ research fee. This fee can only be paid through PayPal. There is a PayPal button for your convenience located at the bottom of our research fee page.

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