Hereditary and Genuine Titles for sale

The sale of hereditary titles of nobility has always been a very important factor if you are contemplating to buy, acquire, purchase or obtain a noble title. We believe in the hereditability of noble titles, understood as the quality of a nobility title to be passed or transmitted by a predecessor to his offspring or relatives, by reason of birth or family. Titles of nobility should be transmitted from parents to sons or those within the family, as the descendants of those who own hereditary titles should inherit their family noble titles as a direct consequence of their own natural situation by birth. Nobility must be passed to the rightful descendants through the ages as a birth right or family right.

We strongly think that in the process of choosing a noble title, a very important factor is the hereditability of the title.

Nobility has not always been hereditary. Many of the French Noble Titles awarded by Napoleon had a personal nature, and could not be transmitted, as they were just awarded to reward military virtues and political support to the French Emperor. In Italy, many titles from Piedmont and Lombardy were also life titles, lacking the hereditary quality that is the landmark of the true nobility. Also, in Russia, Germany, Austria and the Holy Roman Empire, not all titles of nobility could be inherited. In England, it is customary even nowadays to award life peerages that are just noble titles valid only for the life of the recipient of the honour. In Norway, Sweden and Spain most of the newly granted titles of nobility are only for life, missing the hereditary quality.

Hereditary nobility titles were also scarcely given by the Pope in Rome, and their titles were mostly life titles, or transmissible only to the sons or nephews of the recipient. Many Papal Titles of nobility were not hereditary or lacked transmissibility.

In our firm, we work very hard to research the best hereditary titles of nobility in Europe, and we are able to find for our clients a wide range of fully hereditary noble titles. Titles and positions in society regarding nobility should be passed on. This is logical, as in many cases noble and feudal titles are hereditaments that in many ways (not always), resemble very much heritable property, and ought to be passed on from parent to child as a right.

issued by charles II of spain in favourTherefore, we only offer to our clients fully hereditary titles of nobility. We do excel in the reliable and proper research of hereditary noble titles from France, Italy and Germany. The best hereditary titles of Italy are normally situated in Naples and Sicily. The legal framework and historical peculiarities of this region, as well as their relationships with France and Spain have propitiated a very good legal situation for those seeking to obtain hereditary titles of nobility. We are also capable of researching high quality noble titles, obviously hereditary, from France and Germany. The possession of nobility and noble titles must always be susceptible to be transmitted to your heirs. And this is exactly what we do well: find titles with this important quality.

In our reports and dossiers about titles of nobility, you will always find the name of the title, the exact date of concession (When the title was granted), the name of the authority, prince, monarch, king or Fons Honorum that granted the title, the history about the title and their holders, the historical circumstances surrounding the creation of the title, and also all the data pointing to the historical context of the title, geographical location were the title was situated, antiquity and intrinsic value of the title, and also an assessment on the importance of the title. This importance is evaluated depending on several factors. In many cases we are also able to track the reason why the title was awarded, and we also excel in the historical appraisal of the title. We do know how to appreciate when a title of nobility is legitimate, genuine and worthy of interest and research. All the noble titles we work with are always legitimate, historical and genuine hereditary titles of nobility, with a provable and proven existence. We work very well in researching titles of nobility of undisputed quality, and if you hire us to do some research, we guarantee you will not be disappointed with our genuine and hereditary titles.

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