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Services & FAQ

Jun 13, 2012

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Noble Titles for sale

Our firm is only and exclusively dedicated to the research, location and impeccable legal transfer of Ancient Historical Feudal and Noble Titles in France, Italy and Germany.

Noble Titles for Sale

We are always able to research, locate and legally obtain on behalf of our clients the following titles:

  • French Feudal Baronies
  • French-Germanic Feudal Baronies
  • French Marquisates
  • Italian Feudal Baronies
  • Italian Marquisates
  • Italian Duchies
  • Italian Principalities

If you want us to research, locate and obtain a Noble Title, please read the Procedure, Method and FAQ, and contact us using the enquiry form.


Noble Titles for Sale

Do you sell British, English, Irish or Scottish Titles?
No, we do not, and we do not even want to hear about that.

Do you sell Titles with small plots of land and a map?
No, we are serious. If you like that type of thing, we advise you to go to one of the numerous providers of gift certificates you may find on the internet or in EBay. There you will get what you probably deserve.

Are your titles inheritable?
Yes, we only work with genuine, verifiable historical titles of nobility, and yes, they all can be inherited following the rules of succession of the specific country or specific title.

Can my wife be styled Baroness if I Obtain a Barony?
We always establish a legal clause by which, spouses, as long as they remained married to the title holder may use the title as consort.

Can I add the title to my Passport or other Documents?

It will depend on your government agency. We work with clients from all over the world, and we cannot know the applicable laws of any country in the world.

However, as a General Rule, as the documentation we provide is official documentation issued by a court of Justice and has international validity, yes, it is easy to add your title to Credit Cards, Chequebooks, Bank Accounts, etc.

It is generally more difficult to insert titles on passports, but it can be done in some countries. However, we do not provide that service. You must do that on your own and work it with your own government agency, as that exceeds our capacity. We can point you out in the right direction, though.

Reports of our clients indicate that people in Germany, South-Africa, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy and USA have been successful in incorporating their titles into their Credit Cards and Chequebooks. Others, through more complicated operations and a good dose of perseverance and patience, have obtained inclusion on passports as observations.

How long does it take the whole process?
Normally it takes 10 weeks on average to obtain a Decree, and then documentation is sent by courier to your address.

How do I pay for the service?
You can pay by bank wire or by credit card. However, higher commissions and no discounts are applied to those paying by Credit Card. Generous discounts are offered to those who pay by bank wire.

Do I have to pay the whole price in one go??
No, you may pay in two instalments. One at the beginning, when there is agreement and the last when the legal work is finished and documentation is ready to be sent to you.

Will the possession of a Noble Title improve my life?
We pride ourselves in having a fairly intelligent clientele. Also, we must say that we feel the utmost respect for our clients. Therefore, out of respect for our clients, we never include in our webpage claims regarding sudden VIP treatment in Hotels, restaurants and Airlines or other nonsense. All we can say is that most of our clients are extremely happy and delighted with their new titles.

What do I Get?
You get legal documentation, notarised and protocolised, in the form of an Irrevocable, irreversible and firm Court Decree, expressly certifying you as the owner of an actual, historical, inheritable and genuine noble title, which conforms to international law and is legally valid in all the European Union and Most Countries of the World. You get the real thing.

What don’t I get with you?
With us you do not get fabulous illuminated parchments, but only legal documents. We leave the fabulous certificates and parchments for those who need to mask the lack of legality of their actions.

With us you do not get “titled land”, unlawful adoptions, and statutory declarations of ownership, reclaimed titles, or the typical intellectual property infraproducts such as trademarks and similar tricks, or other adulterations.

Why Should I have a Noble Title?
Because very few have one, and even less have a legal one.

May I contact you to discuss the acquisition of a title?
Yes, you are very welcome to do so. You will notice that we are honest, professional, and very knowledgeable about the subject.

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